Current materials

New: Cybersecurity Management in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries, here 

Generalized Model Aggregation (GMA): paper, codes, and other materials, here 

Application of causal loop diagrams in systematic reviews, here

A short note on multivariate meta-analysis: advantages and limitations, here

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) simulation to analyze: 1) the population of PTSD patients among the US military personnel and veterans; 2) screening, prevention, and treatment policies, (paper currently under review), here

Complexity of organizational cybersecurity capability development, slides, video

Helpful Information about disseminating the MIT House of Security (HoS) Survey to your organization, here



Come back soon for these materials

Best practices for presentation of System Dynamics projects
How to use the Method of Simulated Momennts (MSM) for parameter estimation in system dynamics models