Professional Services

Invited Talks and Seminars:

  • Analytical methodologies for evidence-based policy and decision-making, Wichita State University, March 2018

  • Fighting another war: How many military personnel and veterans will have PTSD in 2025?, HSI Lunch Seminars at MIT Sloan, November 2017

  • A new approach for aggregating heterogeneous statistical findings, MAER-NET Workshop, Germany, October 2017

  • Diagnosis policies for PTSD and social stigma, MIT IDSS, October 2017

  • A flexible method for aggregation of prior statistical findings, Applied Stats Workshop at Harvard IQSS--Gary King's group, September 2017

  • System dynamics modeling for complex sociotechnical problems, Sharif University of Technology, September 2017

  • Aggregation of prior heterogeneous statistical findings, SRSM Annual Meeting at McGill University, July 2017

  • Synthesizing predictive equations, Harvard School of Public Health, May 2017

  • Systems Science and Health Policy, The University of Tokyo, March 2017

  • Introduction to MIT-(IC)3, Keio University, Tokyo, March 2017

  • A Novel Method for Aggregation of Statistical Findings, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Feb 2017

  • System Dynamics in Health, for top executives at Novartis, MIT Industrial Liaison, Cambridge, MA, November 2016

  • Measuring stakeholders’ perceptions of cybersecurity, International Workshop on Data Analytics, Italy, 2016

  • Keynote speaker and panelist, 2016 MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference, April 2016

  • A Flexible Method for Aggregation of Statistical Findings, University of Pittsburgh, April 2016

  • Current topics in systems thinking, Shahid Beheshti University, April, 2015

  • Aggregation of Heterogeneous Statistical Findings, Human Dynamics Lab (Alex 'Sandy' Pentland's lab), MIT Media Lab, Feb. 2015

  • Research synthesis and meta-analysis, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, Sep. 2013.